The Musée Promenade paths

Four trails allow the visitor to discover the Promenade Museum. They are linking the car parking  with the "Rampart mansion" located on top of the Musée Promenade (see map). Each of them needs a fifteen minutes walk (one way). It's recommended to visitors walking with difficulty to use the private access road (closed to vehicles except service cars).
People with significant health problems, have the possibility to ask for a special authorization to access to the rampart mansion by vehicle. It is necessary to inform the person at the reception and to inform, in advance, the Musée Promenade staff which will take the appropriate measures (+ 33 04 92 36 70 70).



Water path

Walking time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: medium. Different areas with stairs.
This trail offers an encounter with water, forest, art and maybe with yourself.
It will allow you to pass through different visual and sound atmospheres: from intimate moments with the streams and the forest to quieter places where the strength of the surrounding landscape changes the perception scales.
The "Great Waterfall" will be one of the highlights of this journey. Punctuated by fifteen artworks, this path must be taken slowly. To beneficiate as much as possible of this "exploration", it's recommended , from the start, to forget the outside world and to listen to all your senses.



Cairns path

Walking time: 15 minutes
Difficulty: Easy. Different areas with stairs.
The  Cairns path was created around the Andy Goldsworthy works, this British sculptor considered as a Land Art Master. He realized in 1998 for the Musée Promenade, five "water cairn" that accompany the visitor along the journey.
Compared to the water path, the cairns path is more "Mineral", drier, more open to the braided Bléone river and landscapes. It will meet over the streams at the end of the course arriving at the old tannery (seventeenth century), now an artist residence.
It is recommended to take the cairns path as the return route.


Rampart path

Walking time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy. All stairs area

The Rampart path should be taken either from the private access road, after the "Great Waterfall", either from the Cairns path.
on the way back, it can be taken directly from the Rampart mansion
This path runs through the ancient ramparts (XIII / XIVth centuries) which where protecting a fortified place. It also allows us to observe the traces of the old tufa quarry. This path provides a clear view on all the mountain ranges surrounding the North of Digne les Bains


Butterfly path

Walking time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

You will find it halfway in the cairns path. It will lead you through a series of terraces that were formerly cultivated. Now they are rehabilitated by the association proserpine to promote the feedings and reproduction of butterflies.
It will allow you to observe a mixed Alpine and Mediterranean vegetation that now enables to welcome nearly 124 species of butterflies (from April to September)



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