The Butterfly path

The Musée Promenade, thanks to the presence of its source and to its particular environment at the edge of the Mediterranean and Alpine climates, is a top place of Biodiversity.
One example is found through the butterfly path that takes you to an area of one hectare dedicated to them and where are grown their favorite plants. Here, during their lifetime, more than 124 species of butterflies can be observed.
This area was created in 1999 in partnership with the Musée Promenade by the association Proserpine .

At that time, there was just, on the site, sixty butterfli species.. To lead today's results, no artificial butterflies's resettlement was performed. To concentrate and diversify their populations, many plants and trees were grown (baguenaudier, buddleia, oak, fennel, fig, lavender, alfalfa, mint, plum, sage, thyme, etc .).
During the lifetime of butterflies, the Musée Promenade organizes numerous guided visit of this path (free tours) to teach you how to discover these butterflies, their lifestyle and diet.
To access a complete inventory of species of butterflies visible on the trail:


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