The Japanese garden

At the entrance of the Musée Promenade, the Kamaishi Garden symbolizes the journey of life.
To grasp the full meaning, you must walk bottom up. Flowering is spread that every life stage matches a season. When you cross the bridge, you enter in the spirit world.

A "Zen Space" will allow you to spend a nice time in a quiet place, where water and vegetation are combined.
Seasons, which represent the different stages of life of a man are represented successively on the edge of the path. Bridge, pond, path, exotic vegetation, lanterns and pagodas live in harmony in this timeless space accessible to all (access ramp for people with reduced mobility).

The garden was created in honor of the city of Kamaishi in Japan, twinned with Digne les Bains, and which has installed a complete cast of the famous ammonites slab, located not far from here, on the road to Barles.



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