The Great waterfall

Above the "Rampart mansion" is located the Saint Benoit spring which is a perennial spring delivering, on average, thirteen liters of water per second, more than 400 million liters of water per year.
Partially collected to supply drinking water to the Musée Promenade, most of its water flows freely in the park depositing the limestone it collected during his trip underground and forming a rock called tufa or travertine.
The Musée Promenade, which possess a great quantity of streams and waterfalls coming from this spring, offers to the visitor the "big waterfall" tuff constituting a major attraction of this place. For many hundreds of years, the inhabitants have taken care of the water alimentation of this waterfall to support its development.
Right next to the "great waterfall" is a picnic area that can accommodate more than twenty people. It is 

equipped and constitutes, in the summer, an amazing place of freshness and water sound.

Three other picnic areas, located mostly near the streams, are available to the Musée Promenade visitors.



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